Three Practical Guidelines on Handling Household Stains on Your Carpet


Residential carpets are resilient and durable. Under ideal circumstances, they will have an extended lifespan after installation in your home. Unfortunately, stains can reduce the projected life of service significantly. In simple terms, stains will not cause functional damage, but they will compromise the aesthetics of the rug. As a result, you will need to replace the covering prematurely to restore the appeal of your interior space. If you would like to avoid the inconvenience and replacement expenses associated with carpet staining, consider these practical tips on handling household stains.

28 November 2017

Approaches to Reducing Waste That Ends Up at the Landfill


Australia is a highly consumerist country, meaning that Australians are highly likely to demand what they want just as much as they will demand what they need. This has led to a rapid increase in solid waste generation over the years, and this has mounted pressure on state and territory governments across the country to ensure that all of the waste is properly disposed of. Traditionally, non-hazardous solid waste has been deposited at the landfill.

8 October 2017

Buying a Home? Here's How to Tell Whether Your Dream Home Has Asbestos


As a prospective homeowner, there are many things to worry about — finding a home that suits your needs, handling legal documentation and redecorating are among the few. After spotting the perfect house, the last thing you'd want to imagine is the possibility of the house containing asbestos. Sadly, asbestos should be a primary concern for anyone purchasing a new home. Being aware of its existence will help you take the necessary measures to keep your family protected from the severe health complications that result from inhaling the hazardous fibres.

28 August 2017

How Grout Cleaning Can Rejuvenate Your Bathroom


If your bathroom is starting to lose its sparkle, it could be the grout that is letting it down. Grout is great for keeping tiles in place, but with its rough surface and light colour, it is a magnet for dirt and dust. The good news is that there are a number of grout cleaning products and techniques that will restore your grout back to its former glory and transform your bathroom in the process.

11 July 2017

Tips for Carpet Steam Cleaning


One of the most effective ways of cleaning your carpet to completely remove dust and stains is steam cleaning. You have the option of renting carpet steamers, which are extremely pocket friendly. When you go for a rental option, the only way to satisfy your needs is by ensuring you shell out your cash and get the best out of it with the machine. Therefore, the carpet steamer must in a good condition to clean your carpet thoroughly.

7 July 2017

Advice for Facilities Managers Procuring Cleaning Services


These days, professional facilities management requires a great deal of attention, especially when it comes to finding the right sort of cleaning contractor. In the past it may have been possible to hire the services of a local person who lives close to the office block and engage them on a casual contract to clean the common areas, like reception and stairwells, a few evenings each week. However, given the increased demands of many businesses that rent office space in professionally run administrative buildings, this laid-back approach is no longer adequate.

16 May 2017

You Have Been Pressure Washing the Wrong Way If You Have Been Doing These 3 Things


Pressure washing is one excellent way to clean various surfaces in your home, both indoors and outdoors. While pressure washing is oftentimes done by professionals, taking on this cleaning project around your home on your own can save you some money. However, for this to pay off, you have to do it perfectly or you won't achieve the level of cleaning you thought you would. With pressure washing, you can easily finish your project with errors without even knowing it.

25 April 2017

What to Discuss With a Company When Scheduling a Carpet Cleaning


Your home's carpeting should be cleaned on a regular basis; this will improve its appearance and also extend its overall life, as ground-in dirt that isn't regularly removed can permanently wear down and ruin carpet fibres. Regular cleaning can also ensure your home's flooring is hygienic and safe for kids and babies and everyone else in the home! Note a few things you may want to ask and discuss with a company when scheduling a carpet cleaning so you know this job gets done right.

24 April 2017

Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Cleaning Grout and Tile at Home


The tile and grout in your bathroom or entryway can start to look dim and dingy, even downright grey or black, not long after you have that tile installed. This is especially true if you have kids or pets who track mud and dirt. Also, if you don't have proper ventilation in the bathroom, the steam from a shower settles onto the tile and grout, trapping dirt and other debris. Cleaning that tile and grout may actually be more difficult than you realize, as improper tools, cleaning products and techniques can actually make the tile and grout look worse, not better.

20 April 2017

How to Clean Your Office After the Builders Have Finished


Australian cities are nearly always undergoing building works or renovation projects. Even if your offices are not subject to any construction work themselves, then you can rest assured that there is some construction project or other going on nearby that is generating dust and noise. Most facilities managers in Australia understand that they will have to face some building work here and there, even if they have not commissioned it themselves.

17 April 2017