Tips for Carpet Steam Cleaning


One of the most effective ways of cleaning your carpet to completely remove dust and stains is steam cleaning. You have the option of renting carpet steamers, which are extremely pocket friendly. When you go for a rental option, the only way to satisfy your needs is by ensuring you shell out your cash and get the best out of it with the machine. Therefore, the carpet steamer must in a good condition to clean your carpet thoroughly. Explore the best ways in which you can use it to do the right job.

Go for the Right Carpet Steamer

This step requires you to do some extra homework. You must identify the nature of the dirt and stains occupying your carpet. Once identified, visit online websites to seek out for various consumer testimonials of people who have purchased or rented carpet steamers before. This will help you find the most honest and unbiased reviews about the nature of carpet steamers, since certain brands may be better in performance than others. In addition, research the type of hardware or home improvement shops that offer the best steam cleaners.

Prep your Carpet Area

After acquiring the right carpet steamer, clean your stained carpet area vigorously before you begin the carpet steam cleaning process. A vacuum cleaner may be essential to help you go over the surface of your carpet evenly in order to do away with any dust particles. After the carpet has been properly vacuumed, apply a pre-spray cleaner to all stained areas to aid the steam cleaner in doing away with the stubborn stains.

Have the Right Shampoo for the Job

Carpet steamers work hand in hand with the shampoo to get rid of all stains on the surface of the carpet. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right type of shampoo for the steaming job. When renting the carpet steamer, make sure you follow recommendations for shampoo that will work well to do away with all stains. Online reviews may come handy in learning the various carpet shampoo brands that could perfectly work.

Ensure Correct Water Temperature

The water you intend to use must be at the right temperature before you make any move to carpet clean. Carpet steamers have a manual that will help you get the right water temperature. Most carpet steamers would recommend very hot water, though not at boiling point. Make sure you have all instructions right.


7 July 2017

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