Get the chutes cleaned the right way by the right people


Garbage chutes are a very convenient way of refuse management especially in high-rise residential buildings. Usually, the chutes originate from the walls of an apartment and extend to the entirety of the building. The complicated nature of the way in which the chutes are deigned makes it very difficult for one to properly clean them. However, it very necessary to clean the chutes because poorly maintained chute may be the source of bad odour and air-borne bacteria getting into your home.

16 November 2018

Getting the Smell of Cigarettes Out of a Home


Perhaps you're a landlord whose tenants have just moved out of your investment property. Perhaps you just moved into a new home. Perhaps you've recently given up smoking. If you're a non-smoker who enters a living space where people have been smoking, the smell can be rather obvious. The lingering scent of cigarettes isn't something that makes a home more inviting, and for non-smokers, it's going to have the opposite effect.

8 August 2018

Three Practical Tips for Keeping Your Retail Space Clean


Proper cleaning is essential for your retail space because this practice will ensure a positive customer experience. Dirty stores are uncomfortable and repulsive, and the state of uncleanliness will result in a decline in sales. It is also important to note that dirty spaces can be hazardous. The accumulated grime could harbour harmful germs, and slippery floors could cause injuries. Therefore, you must be diligent in your cleaning efforts. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your retail space clean.

26 March 2018

Commercial Cleaning – Not Just for Big Corporations


Commercial cleaning services are a staple for big corporations as they have an image to protect, or so some startups and SMEs think when they contemplate these services. The fact of the matter is that commercial cleaning is suitable for any premises as long as you are running a business. These services provide you with a plethora of advantages, which will not only make your life easier but could also end up boosting your bottom line too.

3 January 2018