Get the chutes cleaned the right way by the right people


Garbage chutes are a very convenient way of refuse management especially in high-rise residential buildings. Usually, the chutes originate from the walls of an apartment and extend to the entirety of the building. The complicated nature of the way in which the chutes are deigned makes it very difficult for one to properly clean them. However, it very necessary to clean the chutes because poorly maintained chute may be the source of bad odour and air-borne bacteria getting into your home. It is advisable to clean the chutes at least three or four times in a year. Unfortunately, without the necessary tools and expertise, you will not do a good job of cleaning the chute. You will have to hire professional chute cleaners to get the job done for you. If you are a residential apartment homeowner or manager, read on to find out how to effectively identify the best cleaning company.

The type of services offered

A good cleaning contractor will offer several cleaning services and have a record of how well they have completed those services with other customers. Therefore, when looking for how well the company is experienced, you might want to look at what areas the contractor has excelled in. A contractor with a good record of services that cuts across the board is very reliable. On the other hand, a company that solely cleans garbage chutes can also be reliable if it has an exceptional reputation. However, one that offers limited services and does not have favourable reviews should be shied away from.

The time required

Different things will affect how long it will take to have the chutes in your building cleaned. Some of them include the climate in your municipality, the size of your building and apartments using the chutes, and the people living in the building. It is advisable that a good job is done within a short period of time to avoid inconveniencing the people living there. The best time, however, is during the warmer weathers. When hiring a cleaning company, find one that can get the job done fast without compromising quality.

Green Commitment

The green campaign, which is the move to ensure that human activities do not deplete the environment, is taking part in many platforms. The cleaning contractor you hire should have this commitment so that their cleaning methods and products are not harmful to the environment. When hiring the contractor, request to know what kind of products they use. Environmentally friendly products are equally friendly to your health and that of your tenants or guests.


16 November 2018

Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery

Hello! Welcome to my cleaning blog. My name is Darren. I am currently living in New South Wales with my wife and our two wonderful children. My wife and I are pretty sharp when it comes to housework. Despite the fact we both have full-time jobs, we still find the time to keep the house in decent shape. However, one thing we do struggle with is keeping the carpets and upholstery clean in our home. Thankfully, we found a great cleaning service who now visit us once a month to give the place a deep clean. They have also given us some great cleaning tips.