Commercial Cleaning – Not Just for Big Corporations


Commercial cleaning services are a staple for big corporations as they have an image to protect, or so some startups and SMEs think when they contemplate these services. The fact of the matter is that commercial cleaning is suitable for any premises as long as you are running a business. These services provide you with a plethora of advantages, which will not only make your life easier but could also end up boosting your bottom line too. If you have been deliberating on whether to take on commercial cleaners at your office premises but still find yourself on the fence, read on to learn why these services are not exclusively designed for big corporations.

Commercial cleaning decreases your overhead and payroll costs

No matter what business model you have, as long as you have staff and office premises there will be overhead and payroll costs to contend with. Some business owners may argue that because of this, they would be better off hiring their own cleaner rather than splurge on a commercial cleaning company. However, what these individuals are not factoring in is the monthly salary they would be paying their in-house cleaner as well as the equipment and cleaning supplies they would have to purchase on a routine basis.

When you outsource your commercial cleaning services, you have the flexibility of deciding on what package would be most affordable to you and how frequent you would like the services. Moreover, the commercial cleaners come with their own arsenal of products and machinery to boot!

Commercial cleaning decreases your business' risk of liability

Another cost that you probably have not factored into your business expenses are liability payouts. Yet, these are one of the highest risks that are posed to your business. The more people that you have working for you, the higher the chances that you could end up paying for injuries acquired on the premises. Considering how laborious thorough cleaning can be, it would not be surprising if one of your cleaning staff injured themselves while trying to reach out to wipe a high shelf, shine a window and so on.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, all the risk of liability lies with them. The company will have insurance policies covering their employees so in the event they are injured while they are on the job their compensation would not be your responsibility. In addition to this, the cleaners will be professionally trained, which means they would not be as vulnerable to mishaps as amateurs would be. 


3 January 2018

Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery

Hello! Welcome to my cleaning blog. My name is Darren. I am currently living in New South Wales with my wife and our two wonderful children. My wife and I are pretty sharp when it comes to housework. Despite the fact we both have full-time jobs, we still find the time to keep the house in decent shape. However, one thing we do struggle with is keeping the carpets and upholstery clean in our home. Thankfully, we found a great cleaning service who now visit us once a month to give the place a deep clean. They have also given us some great cleaning tips.