Approaches to Reducing Waste That Ends Up at the Landfill


Australia is a highly consumerist country, meaning that Australians are highly likely to demand what they want just as much as they will demand what they need. This has led to a rapid increase in solid waste generation over the years, and this has mounted pressure on state and territory governments across the country to ensure that all of the waste is properly disposed of.

Traditionally, non-hazardous solid waste has been deposited at the landfill. But as finding appropriate siting for new landfills becomes much more difficult over the years, governments have been looking into new methods that can be used to properly dispose of the waste while minimising on environmental impacts. 

Australia is home to several rubbish removal companies, which hire out various types and sizes of skip bins to their clients. These companies know that not all solid waste materials belong to the landfill — some solid waste materials are just too good to be landfilled. Here is a look at some waste disposal methods being used by rubbish removal companies to reduce the amount of solid waste that is buried in the landfill.

Waste recycling

Thanks to the introduction and increased appreciation for the benefits of waste recycling, there has been a rise in the number of waste recycling centres operating in various parts of Australia, and a subsequent increase in recycling rates. Waste recycling helps minimise the need to landfill materials like metals, paper, glass, concrete, timber, and some plastics, which may still have reuse value. Recycling waste not only helps reduce landfilling but also helps minimise harmful releases to air, water and land, which may occur when producing new materials from scratch. So, your recyclables won't go to waste when they are taken away by your skip bin service.


Households and commercial establishments such as hotels and restaurants generate several tonnes of organic waste every year. Governments across Australia are encouraging individuals and businesses to compost food waste, garden waste and other types of biodegradable waste instead of sending it to the landfill. You can hire green waste bins and garden waste bins from a waste removal company to help compost your biodegradable waste. Once you are done using the bins, your bin provider will pick it up and take it to a facility that can reuse it.

Ensuring proper waste disposal is a shared goal among Australians, rubbish removal companies and governments across Australia. Play your part by ensuring you hire the right skip bins for your rubbish. 


8 October 2017

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