What to Discuss With a Company When Scheduling a Carpet Cleaning


Your home's carpeting should be cleaned on a regular basis; this will improve its appearance and also extend its overall life, as ground-in dirt that isn't regularly removed can permanently wear down and ruin carpet fibres. Regular cleaning can also ensure your home's flooring is hygienic and safe for kids and babies and everyone else in the home! Note a few things you may want to ask and discuss with a company when scheduling a carpet cleaning so you know this job gets done right.

Note the material of your carpeting

It's good to note the material of your carpeting and the overall nap when you're scheduling a cleaning, especially if you invested in an expensive silk or wool carpeting, as these may need some special care. If you don't know the material of the carpeting, you might describe it to the cleaners; if it's especially soft underfoot, it may have a higher blend of cotton or silk, but if it's a bit rough, it may have more wool in the material.

Also, note the fibres; if they're especially low, this can make it difficult to get out ground-in dirt. If the fibres are very tall, the cleaners may want to use an extraction method rather than a scrubbing brush to ensure those fibres don't get ground down while being cleaned.

Ask if you should do anything to prepare the carpeting

A light vacuuming might help to remove lint or other debris that clog the hoses of the cleaning equipment. A cleaning company might also ask that you mark off any areas with stains, so they're sure to pre-treat them or go over them as often as necessary with the brushes. Whatever the case, always ask if there is anything you should do to prepare the carpeting before they arrive.

Ask if their chemicals are safe for children and pets

Most cleansers and detergents used for carpeting will be safe for children and pets, but if your carpet has a number of stains or needs a very deep and thorough cleaning, the company you call may need to use some heavy-duty cleansers; these may not be very safe for babies and small animals especially. You would need to discuss your options with the cleaning company; they may ask that you choose another cleaning method, or note that they would need to go over the carpeting repeatedly to perform more than one extraction and remove all those chemicals.

For more information, contact local carpet cleaners in your area. 


24 April 2017

Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery

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