Buying a Home? Here's How to Tell Whether Your Dream Home Has Asbestos


As a prospective homeowner, there are many things to worry about — finding a home that suits your needs, handling legal documentation and redecorating are among the few. After spotting the perfect house, the last thing you'd want to imagine is the possibility of the house containing asbestos. Sadly, asbestos should be a primary concern for anyone purchasing a new home. Being aware of its existence will help you take the necessary measures to keep your family protected from the severe health complications that result from inhaling the hazardous fibres. Here are some ways that you can tell whether a house has asbestos.

An Old Structure

The first telltale sign that your dream home may have asbestos is the age of the building. Before the Australian government banned its use, asbestos was widely utilised in construction materials due to its impressive properties. Before proceeding with the purchase process, inquire about the construction year of the house. If it was built before the 1990s, there a high chance that it may contain asbestos. The best course of action would be to hire a professional asbestos inspector who will assess the building, take samples of materials, and test them for the hazardous compound.

Uninsulated Piping

The home's structure is made up of numerous pipes, mostly for the plumbing system. Look out for uninsulated pipes with what looks like white or grey insulation remnants, particularly on the fittings. These remnants could be asbestos, which was initially used as insulation to prevent heat loss. However, over time, the material deteriorated and left behind the white or grey substance. Have the piping inspected by an experienced and licensed professional to confirm the identity of the material and take the necessary action.

Original Building Documents

Most people may not have the time to go through an entire building looking for signs of asbestos. In this case, you can ask the realtor for the original building documents, which outline the materials used in construction. Remember, an individual selling a house has the responsibility to disclose information about the structure. Go through the documents and look out for any info that may point towards the use of asbestos in construction. If the records aren't available for any reason, proceed with a professional inspection to be certain.

The only way to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos in a building is through professional inspection and testing. Be patient during the process, and if the house has the compound, negotiate with the seller on how the material will be removed before completing the purchase. You can ask them to take care of the inspection and asbestos removal or deduct the cost of the services from the property's purchase price.


28 August 2017

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