Advice for Facilities Managers Procuring Cleaning Services


These days, professional facilities management requires a great deal of attention, especially when it comes to finding the right sort of cleaning contractor. In the past it may have been possible to hire the services of a local person who lives close to the office block and engage them on a casual contract to clean the common areas, like reception and stairwells, a few evenings each week. However, given the increased demands of many businesses that rent office space in professionally run administrative buildings, this laid-back approach is no longer adequate. You may have found that you have searched for a specialist sub-contractor that can take care of all of your cleaning needs, but what are the additional factors to look out for?

Facilities Services

The ability to clean well and to a high standard is obviously something you'll want from any cleaning contractor you appoint, but there are a number of other facilities services that you might like covered, as well. Modern cleaning contractors won't simply vacuum clean the floors and wipe over the toilet floors in contemporary office block, but provide the first line of remedial action for a wide range of facilities issues. If your current cleaning contractor doesn't provide these sorts of services, then you need to appoint other companies – often at greater expense – or provide such janitorial services yourself. Small repairs and maintenance issues should be included in any contract you sign.

Light Bulb Changes

A prime example to the sort of facilities services on offer from many cleaning contractors these days is changing out bulbs which are blinking or which have stopped working completely. Many will do this on a preventative maintenance regime when they are cleaning your light fittings, often in hard to reach places. Even if they don't change bulbs for you, a good cleaning contractor should be able to produce a regular report to the body corporate management team so they can take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Recycling and Secure Wastage

Nearly all cleaning firms will deal with all of your bin types. This is an important part of facilities management these days because most businesses that occupy modern office blocks will expect recyclable material to be handled separately from genuine waste and keep these items separate from one another. In addition, a third set of bins is commonly needed to deal with secure wastage in a professional manner. By selecting a cleaning contractor which can handle secure waste and destroy it as well as recycling as much material as possible, you are fulfilling many of your commitments to your company's corporate and social responsibility.


16 May 2017

Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery

Hello! Welcome to my cleaning blog. My name is Darren. I am currently living in New South Wales with my wife and our two wonderful children. My wife and I are pretty sharp when it comes to housework. Despite the fact we both have full-time jobs, we still find the time to keep the house in decent shape. However, one thing we do struggle with is keeping the carpets and upholstery clean in our home. Thankfully, we found a great cleaning service who now visit us once a month to give the place a deep clean. They have also given us some great cleaning tips.