Pro Tips for Shampooing a Carpet


Quality carpets can easily transform the look of your living room. However, you must maintain them accordingly to achieve the desired service life and value for money. Carpet cleaning services can work on any fabric, ensuring a spotless and fresh rag. Notably, shampooing is one of the most significant steps in the cleaning process since it does a better job at removing thick dirt, mud and other grime than steam. Thus, proper shampooing is vital for a smooth and efficient carpet cleaning exercise. Here are pro tips for shampooing residential carpets.

Use Enough Shampoo — Carpet shampoo lathers easily, and when you add more water, the lather gets diluted and clears, leaving behind a clean, spotless rug. While the amount of shampoo necessary to clean a carpet largely depends on the amount of dirt and stubborn stains, it is essential to use just enough. The reason is that using too little shampoo does not clean carpet dirt and stains well, forcing cleaners to take longer to clean the rug. On the other hand, too much shampoo creates a lot of lather, which can only be cleared with copious amounts of water. Thus, it can be costly for residential clients since it translates to high water bills. Furthermore, using too much water prolongs drying time, increasing the chances of damp carpets that allow mould and mildew growth. Professional carpet cleaners can tell the exact amount of shampoo needed to clean carpets effectively and efficiently.

Pretreatment before Shampooing — As much as carpet cleaning shampoos are excellent at removing stains and dirt, there is only so much they can do. The reason is that some stains can be stubborn for most shampoos which could force carpet cleaning services to resort to harsh scrubbing. Unfortunately, harsh scrubbing only damages carpet fibres and shortens their longevity. Luckily, professional carpet cleaners know better than over-scrub carpets and opt to pretreat them. Notably, carpet pretreatment loosens stubborn stains, making them easy to lift when a cleaner applies shampoo.

Thorough Shampoo Extraction — Most homeowners do not have the right equipment to extract all the shampoo from their carpets. Unfortunately, the shampoo leaves behind a sticky residue that attracts and locks in more dirt, causing a rug to get dirty faster. Besides, sticky carpet fibres tend to cramp together, giving a rug an ugly appearance. Since professional carpet cleaners have the right equipment, they can use proper shampoo extraction techniques. It results in dry, distinct carpet fibres that do not readily attract dirt and debris.  

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30 March 2022

Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery

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