Two situations in which you should get your patio pressure washed by a professional


If your patio is extremely dirty and you are in one of these two situations, you should consider getting this part of your property pressure washed by a professional from a cleaning company.

You have sore joints and find scrubbing surfaces for long periods of time very painful

It is possible to clean a very dirty patio by hand. However, manually removing multiple layers of dirt from any type of paving material usually involves using a hard-bristled brush to vigorously scrub the dirty surface for a long period of time until all of these layers of grime have been removed.

If you have sore joints (as a result of, for example, an injury or arthritis), performing this scrubbing motion repeatedly for several hours could leave you in a lot of pain and perhaps even cause your damaged joints to temporarily seize up. 

If you suffer from this type of health issue, it would probably be safer to get the patio professionally pressure washed. The reason for this is as follows; the commercial pressure washing equipment used by professional cleaners can remove several layers of grime and dust from a dirty patio in a very short period of time.

Using this cleaning service will not only help you to protect your joints from the damage that scrubbing the patio would do to them, but will also spare you the physical exhaustion that comes with cleaning for hours at a time.

Your children play on your patio and you're concerned about how unhygienic this area is  

If your children use the patio as a play area, and the patio paving stones are ingrained with several months' worth of dirt, then it is sensible to get the patio professionally pressure washed.

The reason for this is as follows; when young children play, they often end up dropping and then picking up their toys from the floor. If your children do this on an unsanitary patio, they could end up with micro-pathogens on their hands (from handling the toys that they placed on the dirty patio) and may then end up ingesting the pathogens and getting a virus or some other type of bug.

As such, in this situation, it is particularly important to keep your patio clean. Pressure washing this area is the best way to do this, as the equipment the cleaner uses will remove every single speck of potentially harmful dirt from the surface of the paving materials.


5 June 2019

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