How to Clean Your Office After the Builders Have Finished


Australian cities are nearly always undergoing building works or renovation projects. Even if your offices are not subject to any construction work themselves, then you can rest assured that there is some construction project or other going on nearby that is generating dust and noise. Most facilities managers in Australia understand that they will have to face some building work here and there, even if they have not commissioned it themselves.

One of the things you will need to consider once building works have been completed is what you will do about clearing up after the contractors have departed. Most Australian building contractors will make a reasonable effort of clearing up the site once they have finished. Nevertheless, this is rarely good enough for professional offices where there is a much higher standard of cleanliness that is demanded. What should you do?

Hire Experts

As opposed to relying on your existing cleaning contractors who might only be capable of everyday cleaning, such as vacuum cleaning, emptying your bins and dusting, you will need to bring in specialists following construction works. A builders clean, as it is called by professional cleaning contractors, is a much more in-depth service which really gets to ground-in grime that is the result of on-site or nearby building projects. After all, an amazing amount of dust can be created by even small construction jobs. This will work its way into your office through the air-conditioning system, through your office windows and by being worked into the carpet as staff members enter and exit the building.


By hiring a specialist cleaning firm that is used to undertaking post-building works and exit cleaning, you will ensure that your office is returned to the state it was in prior to the works taking place. If you only rely on your day-to-day cleaning firm or your own staff members to do this, then dust particles will remain airborne for a long time, which can lead to negative health implications for employees and could ultimately lead to them going sick with a resulting loss of productivity.

Furthermore, building works leave carpets and windows with a thin layer of grime, and it is better to remove this with specialist equipment before it gets ground in. Only a full builders clean service from a professionally run cleaning contractor will allow your offices to shine again. This will not only keeping your staff members happy but also allow you to impress clients who come to your headquarters to visit.


17 April 2017

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