Why Use a Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Versus Steam Cleaning?


When your home's carpets need cleaning, you may automatically assume that steam cleaning is the best and even the only method available to you. In truth, you can use a dry cleaning method that is often preferred for carpets today, for a variety of reasons. This method is much like dry cleaning your clothes; it uses a particular type of chemical to pull up stains in the carpet and then eliminate them, rather than soaking the carpet with cleanser and then vacuuming up the water and detergent. Note a few reasons why you might consider a dry carpet cleaning method versus steam cleaning when you need to have your carpets cleaned at home or in the office.

1. Less water equals less chance of mildew

If you've ever had your carpets steam cleaned before, you know that they're usually very wet at the end of the process. This is because the vacuuming method that's used to suck up the water and detergent doesn't get all the water used to soak your carpet's fibres. This moisture that's left behind often goes all the way down to the padding of the carpet, and in turn, may allow for the build-up of mildew.

While the top of the carpet may feel dry to the touch within a few hours, remember that the bottom of the carpet and the padding may take much longer to dry since it's not exposed to light and air. It doesn't take very long for mildew to set in, and over time your carpets may get ruined from this moisture being left behind by steam cleaning.

2. Less water is an environmentally-friendly choice

If you're concerned about the environment, you want to think about how you use natural resources including water. Having a full home of carpeting steam cleaned, or having a large office steam cleaned, can mean the use of large amounts of water. For a more environmentally-friendly choice, choose dry carpet cleaning.

3. No residue left behind

Using detergents in typical steam cleaning can mean residue that is left behind, and this can actually make your carpets seem dirtier faster. Detergent residue can be sticky and hold dirt and dust more readily than a dry carpet. Those detergent residues can also mat down the fibres of your carpeting, so it looks flat and dull. With a dry cleaning, there is no residue of the detergents so the carpet is not just cleaned but also protected from damage over time.

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10 July 2015

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